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Product Information Docs - Milton Industries- Milton Sterilisationstücher einzeln Einweg-Staubmasken ,Milton Mini FRLs (Filter-Regulator-Lubricator) Filter Models 1144, 1144M, 1144-2 Regulator Models 1145, 1145-2, 1146, Lubricator Models 1150, 1150M, 1150-1 - Form 9X018. Milton Compact Desiccant Dryers. Desiccant Dryers Models 1170 and 1170-2 Instruction Sheet - Form 8X958. Milton Inflator Gage. 507A – Replacement Cartridge Kit Instruction SheetMilton 32 Sterilising Tablets - Clicks2. Prepare Milton solution: Use Milton sterilising unit or a non-metallic container. Fill the unit with cold water (4 L). Add 1 tablet for every 2 litres of water, i.e. 2 tablets if using Milton sterilising unit filled to the marked line. Ensure complete dissolution of tablets before submerging utensils. Note: make a new Milton …

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The Milton Method (cold water method) Requires Milton Sterilising tablets or Fluid with a plastic sterilising unit + tap water; Sterilises in 15 minutes; The active ingredient is the same used to make water safe for drinking; Clinically proven to kill 99.9% of germs including bacteria, fungi and viruses

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Description: Milton Sterilising Fluid 500 ml. Detailed Description: Based on more than 60 years of expertise, Milton has cared for you and your family through sterilised hygiene since the first world war.Use cap for ml measurementomposition:Sodium hypochlorite: 1.0%.Sodium chloride: 16.5%.Milton is a registered trademark.For more info phone our customer care line: 0861 797 797 or …

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Milton Sterilising Unit uses more than 60 years of expertise to help you effectively sterilise baby bottles and teats with no need for boiling. Reviews (0) Review this product Write a review 0 User Reviews. Questions (0) Ask a Question Do you have any questions about this product? 0 Questions & Answers.

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MILTON STERILISING FLUID INSTRUCTIONS THE COLD WATER METHOD 1. CLEAN Wash thoroughly bottle, teats and breastfeeding equipment in warm soapy water, then rinse in cold water. 2. PREPARE SOLUTION Fill your unit with 5L of water, add 30 ml (one capful) of Milton Sterilising Fluid (dilution at 0.6% v/v). 3. ADD ITEMS

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Milton has been sterilising babies feeding utensils for over 50 years and is clinically proven to protect baby from all germs (bacteria, viruses, fungi). The Milton solution leaves no unpleasant taste or odour, so there is no need to rinse after use - utensils can be use immediately. Each solution lasts for 24 hours!

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Milton Sterilising Unit Used by health professionals on maternity wards, the Milton Cold Water method of sterilising is effective within 15 mins. Milton Sterilising Tablets or Milton Sterilsing Fluid can be used in the unit which has a large 5L capacity; can hold up to 6 standard baby bottles.